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10+ Pictures of Tattooed Nipples That Will Have You Wincing in Pain

You'll Hurt Just Looking at These Tattoos!

When you think about some of the most painful places to be tattooed on the body, odds are you may not have thought about the nipples. That's because most people aren't daring enough to have such a sensitive place blasted over with a tattoo machine. Regardless of whether you're a man or a woman, those babies are sensitive and you most likely never dreamed of having a needle anywhere near them. However, many people bite the bullet and go balls to the wall when it comes to tattooing and covering their nips in ink. Check out some of the gnarliest and most hardcore nipple tattoos that you'd probably too scared to get.

Photo via Instagram

In Action!

Photo via Instagram

Watch a nipple being inked in action and decide if you've got the balls to tattoo yours.