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10 Questions... I Have My Eyeballs Tattooed

Johnny Nobody Answers Our 10 Questions

It's not everyday that you encounter someone with their eyeballs tattooed, even when you work for INKED. Over the last several years, eyeball tattoos have drastically increased in popularity. Thanks to influencers like Grace Neutral, millions of people around the world have gained exposure to these fascinating feats of modification and a select few dare to take the plunge. One of those ballsy body mod fanatics is Johnny Nobody, a tattooer and ink collector based in Orlando, Florida. Nobody stopped by the offices at INKED to share his experience as an individual with eyeball tattoos and it's time the world learned what it's really like having your peepers inked over. Take a look at the photos and video @shootmepeter shot of Nobody in the gallery below, then let us know in the comments section on Facebook what you think of his epic ink.

nobody feat

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