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10 Questions With Tattooed and Ripped Entrepreneur—Brian Mazza

Discover how this restauranteur maintains a 6-pack

Almost 10 years ago, INKED featured Brian Mazza under a now retired column called "INKED People." Today, he's one of the top restauranteurs in New York City and has opened a staggering 10 locations since establishing the Paige Hospitality Group. Not only is Mazza a business wiz, he's also a fitness guru and has even covered Men's Health. And on top of all of these incredible accomplishments, he's also a dedicated father and husband. We brought in this triple threat to talk about how he turned one restaurant into an empire, how he maintains his impressive physique, and what is his go-to cheat food. Take a look at the gallery below to watch 10 questions with an entrepreneur and let us know in the comment section on Facebook what you think of Mazza's incredible journey.


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