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Are These the 10 Worst Summers in Cinema History?

We weren't so sure we agreed with these ranks at first glance, but then we viewed the ten best summers in cinema history and decided Okay, we get it. released The Best Years for Summer Movies, a compilation of the 35 summers that delivered the greatest blockbusters. We targeted the summers (May-August in Hollywood) hanging lowest on the list (can you guess which year is #1?). While we love some of the movies these years brought us, they simply don't compare to the summer of say 1984, when Ghostbusters and The Karate Kid first surfaced, or the summer of 1985, bringing us Back to the Future. And don't forget about the summer of 1982, when E.T. hit planet Earth. Basically, the '80s were cinema's prime... until Forest Gump took the screen in 1994. Perhaps we should round up a best of the best list. Until then, consider this the worst of the best–because these flicks are still great in their own right.