100% Real! The 7 goriest and must F#(ked up sites on the web. No Exaggeration.


You've Been Warned!

I have seen a lot, including my share of dead bodies and some weren't in the funeral home. However, I will bet my last dollar that 99% of the people reading this have not seen the likes of the heinous acts, horrific gore and humiliating sex performances recorded on video and posted up on these sites. I am completely appalled and dumbstruck on how and WHY anyone would video these atrocities?
But they have and these sites have decided to seek out the absolute best of the worst and put it up there for everyone to see...where viewers come to watch and then probably wish they hadn't. Can’t wash away those visuals. Burned into the brain now for good!
Well, I won't even bother trying to discourage you from reading our list, because that will only further whet appetite. So, go ahead and good luck.


Photo via pixabay