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104-Year-Old Yarn-Bomber On The Loose!

Grace Brett is a great-grandmother like you have never seen before. At 104-years-old, the lady has taken the unofficial title of World's Oldest Street Artist. Like many women of her time, Grace took to knitting early on in life. Obviously, with nearly 100 years of practice, she has now mastered the trade. This great-grandma (of six grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren) may as well be a machine. She's used her knitting skills to yarn-bomb 46 landmarks throughout Borders County in Scotland–but not without the help of her girl gang.

Grace is a member of what is said to be an undercover knitting circle that goes by the name of Souter Stormers. (Undercover! How much cooler could a 104-year-old get?) This group of badass ladies started planning their ingenious yarn-bombing stunt more than a year in advance. Turns out the "yarnstormers'" actions were all in good reason. The ladies were taking part in the annual Yarrow Ettrick and Selkirk Arts Festival.

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Grace told the Press and Journal, "I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included." The Souter Stormers' colorful designs covered the town in hearts, dolls, flowers and more.

She told the Daily Record, "I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else and thought the town looked lovely." The final pieces that covered the county were unbelievable.

If anything or anyone has ever tried to prove that age is just a number, Grace and her fellow yarnstormers have confirmed so. A spokesperson for the Souter Stormers said, "Grace has confirmed that age is no barrier to participating in a contemporary project." We are blown away by the level of quality and beauty their knitting creations uphold. Have you ever seen anything more inspiring?

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Angry Little Garden Gnome

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Angry Little Garden Gnome