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10's for 4:20

These Girls Are Kind!

Sunshine "Sunny" Rizzolo spends a good amount of time taking pictures of beautiful women in incredible backdrops. In the following photos we are not sure what is more appealing: Boomie Bones, Sonia Tiger, Lindsey Jenningz, their tattoos or the pot plants!

Below is Ms. Jenningz's backside. “The first thing people notice about me? I’d like to think they notice my personality and light, but if they’re shallow, then whatever their eyes are drawn to first—might be my butt if we’re being honest, though.”

“I just got my own face tattooed on me, so now—so of course that’s my favorite, because I’m a narcissist (my micro-portrait of Chucky by Vinny Romanelli is a close second). Kris Busching tattooed my face on my left upper arm during an eight-hour session which was the longest I’ve ever sat for but it was worth it. It’s the ultimate self-love to me. I’m ballsy and I’m proud to love myself.”

“I have a beautiful and important relationship with cannabis. I’m blessed to not have any super serious ailments that I need it for, but I believe strongly in its medicinal properties and I’ve seen it help so many people. Cannabis gets me through the day with a smile on my face. I also had a heartbreaking experience with my mini bulldog Chewy this year in which CBD helped save her life. She developed seizures and was put on a medicine that was basically killing her, but we weaned her off the medicine and introduced CBD. She has been happy and seizure free since!”

We realize that the following images aren't for everybody but we roll with girls who enjoy ganja and ink. Come frolic through the fields with some models who enjoy a little TLC around a little THC. It's always 4:20 somewhere, right?