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11 People You Should and Shouldn't Bring to Your Tattoo Session

At the young age of 16 my then boyfriend invited me to be his hand to hold while he got his first tattoo. I hadn’t been tattooed and neither of us had ever read Inked but off we went to a tattoo shop in the suburbs. Obviously, a 16-year-old blank canvas asked all the annoying questions: “Oh my God does it hurt? This is like so crazy. Are you sure about this? Wow, this is so cool. [To the artist] So you like, do this all the time?”

To his surprise, we were not cut out to be high school sweethearts, in fact, I didn’t even make it to his second session, but now when he tells the story of that time he got his first tattoo, my little face will pop into his head.

I’ve learned a lot in my time here at Inked, who to bring along for your tattoo sessions being of significance. Here are the top 11 people to invite and ignore. Rule #1: you don’t want your non-tattooed 16-year-old girlfriend there.