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12 Bikini Waxing Horror Stories We Found on Reddit


Sperm Bubbles, Anal Beads, and Week Old Tampons are Just Another Day On the Job

There are plenty of dirty jobs out there, from plumbers to garbage collectors, however, nothing compares to the typical workday of the esthetician. These are the brave men and women who go where most wouldn't dare, waxing the bikini lines and butt cracks of some seriously nasty people. We've got 12 crazy stories straight from Reddit which expose the wildest waxing experiences we've ever seen. Get ready to learn way more than you ever wanted to about the nasty and stinky side of hair removal in the photo gallery below. Then, if you were shocked by any of the stories below or you have an unbelievable waxing experience of your own, let us know your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments section on Facebook.