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13 Inner Lip Tattoos

You're chatting up a cute girl at the bar, you're doing everything right: making her laugh, complimenting her assets (and ink), looking her in the eyes. It's going really well, or so you think until BANG! a big "Fuck You" just as you make your way to first base. Maybe you are the cute girl at the bar getting chatted up, but you've got enough liquid courage in your system at this point to openly say you're sick of playing the polite and patient game, "BITE ME."

These inner lip tattoos are little surprises to assist their owners when their voices fail them. We bet there are a lot of people rocking the secret ink, but how would we know without getting friendly, or, of course, flashed. Secrecy is one of the coolest points about these little guys. Keep in mind every five or so years the ink fades because of the excessive saliva and chemicals that make their way inside our mouths, this just means the canvas can display a ton of tattoos in one lifetime.

Now wouldn't it be cool if there were such thing as flavored ink? I'm thinking chocolate covered potato chips. Can I trademark that? Enjoy the list, tattooed friends.