13 Reasons Why Debuts Second Season With Underage Tattooing


We Finally Know How These Teenagers Are Getting INKED

Last week, the second season of the highly controversial TV drama 13 Reasons Why premiered on Netflix. The show, which is based on a Y.A. novel, blew up around this time last year and audiences were split on their opinion. While many watchers enjoyed the raw and at times, disturbing, portrayal of sexual assault, self-harm, mental illness, and suicide—a great deal of viewers found the material triggering, offensive, and disturbing. Yet, Netflix went through with a second season and didn't hold back on including graphic content. And while we aren't going to go into detail about our thoughts on the themes portrayed on the show, we will discuss a puzzling characterization that is featured throughout the series. We're of course referring to the over abundance of underage ink and the tattoo scene that opened up this discussion once again at the INKED Magazine office. Take a look at our perspective on the teen's tattoos and let us know what you think about all of the illegal ink in the comments section on Facebook.