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You Might Have A Trendy Tattoo

If you're basic and you know it clap your hands *clap, clap*. Just kidding. Not everyone sporting the trendy tattoos in the following gallery is basic, but they do have some of the most common pieces amongst pop culture. Arrows, infinity symbols, hearts and more grace thousands of bodies around the world. Placement and size have a lot to do with the attraction, taking the trend beyond the designs. Exhibit A: the feather-on-the-side-of-the-ribs tattoo (see photo 2).

We've decided it was time to round up the top 13 popular pieces; you won't be surprised to find that most of them are quite tiny. Regardless, we deem them rad because at the end of the day, none pose any reason to regret the permanent decision and some ink is usually cooler than no ink (we can think of a few regrettable exceptions). Click through to find out if you or someone you know is in fact partaking in the latest tattoo trends.