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15+ Badass and Bold Black Panther Tattoos

Fans are Sharing Their Love for the 2018 Film with Ink

Without a doubt, the biggest movie release of 2018 so far has been Black Panther. Inspired and based off the hit comic book series, the Marvel superhero flick centers on a brand new hero by the name of Black Panther. This is the first film is super hero history to have a primarily black cast and many have sung the film's praises for it's widely diverse portrayal of African culture. Instead of casting characters in the developing world, the fictional nation of Wakanda is a technologically advanced utopia devoid of racial class systems. Many fans across the world have shared their support for the groundbreaking feature film, selling out movie theaters, rocking their #wakandapride on apparel, and even going so far as to ink the superhero on their skin permanently. Take a peek at some amazing Black Panther tattoos we found on Instagram and share your thoughts about the film in the comments section on Facebook.

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