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15 Crazy Tattoo Experiences Straight From Reddit


From Fainting Clients to Puddles of Piss—Tattoo Artists Have Seen It All

If you've sat in a tattooers chair, you may have asked them the following question. What is your craziest experience with a client? I know that I have personally asked this dozens of times because the wild things they share will always shock and amaze me. From tattooing the buttholes of strippers to clients who attempt to make a run for it—every tattoo artist regardless of their experience, nationality, or style has gone through something totally zany. So in honor of all of the wild tattoo experiences out there, we went to Reddit to find the best of the best. And trust us, you will not believe what some tattooers and clients have gone through during the tattoo process. Take a look at the gallery below and get ready to have your mind BLOWN. Then if you were shocked, amazed, or flat-out confused by any of these artist confessions, share your honest thoughts in the comments section on Facebook.