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15 Record Store Day 2015 Must-Have Records

If you're a music lover, Record Store Day is like your Black Friday—even though it's on Saturday, April 18. It's your Fashion's Night Out! Record Store Day is to music fiends as Presidents Day is to mattress maniacs. Since 2007, Record Store Day has celebrated the brick and mortar record store. This day is not for iTunes, it's not for Amazon, it's not for wherever else the kids get their music these days. Record Store Day calls on music listeners everywhere to put some pants on, walk out the door and go to your closest dealer of those vinyl discs that you can actually display on a shelf and hold in your hands.

Just like every other Record Store Day of the past few years, the music industry has come up with quite a few ways to entice you to resist the temptation to "just download it." How? Exclusive Record Store Day releases that you can't just download. No matter what genre of music you listen to, no matter how old you are, someone you like is releasing something special tomorrow.

The Foo Fighters have some unreleased stuff dropping, as does punk band Against Me!, emo pioneers Braid and Kind of Like Spitting, rap artists A$AP Rocky and GDP, and folk rock artists Dave Hause and The Decemberists. When browsing through the long list of special releases, you'll see plenty of bands you haven't heard of. Then there's bands like Metallica, who are releasing a cassette of their 1982 demo No Life Til Leather for the first time officially.

Check out 15 awesome Record Store Day special releases below, and to find a store near you that's participating, check here.