15 Sexting Fails From Reddit


Reddit Users Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments While Sexting!

Raise your hand if you've ever sexted. Come on, honesty is the best policy. Alright, now that everyone has their hands up, it's time to share some of our tips and tricks for successful sexting. First and foremost, lighting is everything. Second, learn your angles and don't forget to smize. Last, but certainly night, be VERY careful who you're sending your naughty bits to! Seriously people, it's 2018 and we've all experienced a texting mishap in one way or another. However, nothing is more embarrassing than accidentally texting your ex, your boss, or your mother your nudes! Take a look at 15 of the biggest sexting fails on the internet in the gallery below, then let us know which one of the bunch is the most embarrassing.