15 Virginity Horror Stories From Reddit


Check Out 15 Crazy Virginity Experience From Reddit Users

While almost everyone would admit their first time wasn't what you see in the movies, there aren't too many people with true virginity horror stories. Sure, most people will say that their first time is awkward or painful, but it's pretty uncommon for something to go horrifically wrong. However, there are those unlucky people out there whose first time was a true disaster and it's about time that you heard some of their unfortunate stories. We checked out the mother of virginity horror stories, Reddit, to find some of the worst (or best) sex confessions. And trust us, we definitely scored some juicy details. Take a look at our top 15 virginity nightmares in the photo gallery below. Then, if you have a virginity horror story of your own, why not share it with the world in the comments section on Facebook. We promise not to judge.