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18 Badass Female Tattooers | International Women's Day

The Best is the Business

It's no secret that tattooing has been a male dominated industry for centuries. However, over the last decade, most female artists than ever are breaking into the industry in a big way. With reality legends like Kat Von D, Megan Massacre, and Ryan Ashley Malarkey making history, female tattooers have a global platform to impact young women and the demand for girl power is growing. In addition to more female tattooers entering the industry, more women are coming in as consumers. And in many cases, they are gravitating toward the work created and marketed toward feminine girls. It's basic supply and demand. In any case, we've narrowed down our class of 18 badass female tattooers in the gallery below. Let us know your thoughts on these incredible female artists in the comments section on Facebook.

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