2 VIDEOS! BobbyV Gets Caught With a Transgendered Woman


Caught and Ridiculed!

Recently Reima Houston, a transgender woman, posted a video of her kicking R&B singer Bobby Valentino out of her apartment and into the hallway. Bobby was in a panic to leave when she started videoing him so he attempts to cover his face, but Houston follows him around the room. Eventually Bobby runs out of the room without his pants or shoes!
Allegedley the two were engaged in some sort of sexual activity that entailed Bobby may have had to pay her for the activity (this has yest to be proven). However, you can hear Reima repeating he has to pay her the money owed before she will return his clithes and keys.
Next video up is Snoop’s reaction to the video. Let’s just say it’s classic Snoop!

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 Photo via instagram

Bobby V Caught in the Act!

Photo via instagram

Bobby literally gets caught with his pants down!

And Snopp's React!

Photo via instagram

Snoop has some words of advice and wants Bobby to give him a call to straighten him out!