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20 Badass Tattoos For Toes (Video)

Your Tootsies Look Better With Ink

We know that you've seen hundreds and hundreds of tattoos for your finger—but what about toes? Your tootsies deserve some attention with ink and there are plenty of incredible ways to decorate them. One of the most popular styles, as of late, has been ornamenting your feet with ornate buildings—popularized by artists such as Castle Basas and Sarah Herzdame. However, we've also seen amazing and ink-redible script creations on the tips of the toes. And to those who have their toes tatted, we commend you, because this area is extremely painful. Take a peek at the video in the gallery below to beyond some insane and epic tattoos on the toes. Then if you're in love with any of the works of art you've seen today, let us know in the comments section on our Facebook! Without further adieu, let's talk tattoos on the toes.

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