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20 Beautifully Vajazzled VaJayJays!

She Opened Her Legs and Nearly Blinded Me!

Apparently today every body part deserves its own accoutrements. We’ve seen designers come up with dyes for armpit hair and jewels for vaginas. Well today we are ditching the arm pit hair and going straight for the “V”. The bejeweling your vagina had been around for a while, and then really picked up steam when actress Jennifer Love Hewitt devoted an entire chapter in her book The Day I Shot Cupid to vajazzling.

Well, things calmed down for a while and complaints of getting cut from the sharp stones, rashes from the glue and the occasional yeast infection put a damper on the craze. Well, when Sports Illustrated had their naked “swimsuit” models Vajazzled, things pick up big time in the below the belt jewelry market.


Photo via Youtube

The Vajazzled VaJayJays Video!