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20+ Before and After Pictures That Prove Myspace Stars Survived Their Scene Days


They Went From Emo on Myspace to Tatted Up on Instagram

Ten years ago, the scene subculture was at the height of its popularity and Myspace was there to document every teased hairdo and makeup experiment that flooded the web. The now obsolete social media site gave scene kings and queens a platform to express their true selves and soon enough we had the first class of Internet celebrities. That's right, before Keeping Up with the Kardashians had even premiered, these stars were dominating the online world and without them, we may not have the selfie culture we know today. But with Myspace a thing of the past and scene a fad that has gone to the graveyard, you may be asking yourselves what these Myspace stars are up to today? Did they make it out of their scene phase alive? Are they even alternative anymore? And most importantly, have they transitioned over from Sharpie stencils to IRL ink? It's about time that you found out!

Photo via Instagram