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20 Dope Biggie Smalls Tattoos

Today (March 9, 2017) marks 20 years since hip-hop lost one of its greatest contributors, the Notorious B.I.G. The Brooklyn native, born Christopher Wallace, quickly gained fame for his seemingly flawless flow and oftentimes graphic lyrics—some of which read more like suspenseful mystery crime novels, while other tracks were smooth jams celebrating the good things life had to offer. The lyrical genius also known as Biggie Smalls became the epitome of the New York hip-hop sound. His influence reached far past the waters of the East River, though, which is evident in the music of other recording artists, in the numerous graffiti murals dedicated to the rap legend and the merchandise available with the Ready To Die rapper's likeness. Another form of devotion to the late rapper which has become prominent in the past couple of decades is getting a tattoo inspired by "Big Poppa."

In honor of the Notorious B.I.G., we've put together a slideshow of 20 of the illest tattoos out there of the Brooklyn MC.