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21 Star Wars Tattoos by Russ Abbott's Ink & Dagger Crew

The Force is Strong with Ink & Dagger

Since its debut, the classic film, Star Wars, has spawned entire generations of loyalists who pride themselves in owning everything there is to own related to the hit movie franchise. There are those who own every collectible figure, novelty dish sets, home décor item, clothing, etcetera, etcetera. Then, there are those hardcore devotees who go as far as marking their bodies for life with a Star Wars-inspired tattoo. What better way to prove that you're a die-hard Star Warssuperfan than with a new tattoo?

Inked Select artist Russ Abbott's Ink & Dagger Tattoo crew sent over 21 sick tattoos that they inked on dedicated Star Wars fans, and we've decided to share 'em with you. Strap in and get ready to be transported to a galaxy far, far away.

Tattoo by Eddie Stacey.

Tattoo by Eddie Stacey.