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25 Reality Stars Who Died Too Soon


Rest in Peace to the Stars of the Silver Screen

Since the 1990s, reality television has been a huge part of Western popular culture. From cooking competitions, to the search for a fiancé, even a look into the lives of Swamp People—there are hundreds, if not thousands of memorable reality television shows that have been created so far. However, along with the good, comes the bad. Over the years, we have lost many of the great stars of reality tv—whether it be to natural causes, drug overdose, murder, or suicide. Each and every one of their losses has been incredibly tragic, therefore, it's important to honor their role silver screen history. Take a look back at our list of the top 25 reality stars who have passed on in the gallery below. Then let us know which celebrity's death hit you the hardest and which took you by complete surprise.

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