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25+ Scandalous and Sexy Spring Break Photos

You Won't Believe What Goes On at Spring Break

It's that time of year again...SPRANG BREAAAAAAK. College students and young adults are traveling to the beach to go wild for a week in the sun. From the coasts of Florida, the islands off Texas, to good ol' Cancun, Mexico—there will be no shortage of wild and crazy twenty-somethings getting turnt over the next few months. And while many people tend to go PG-13 for the gram, other spring breakers let it all hang out for their followers. We've collected some of the most shocking and memorable photos from the last several years of some seriously regrettable party moments. We've got a slew of twerking hotties, beer chugging babes, and NSFW hookups in the steamy gallery below. And if you have an out of control spring break story (or picture!) share it in the comments section on Facebook. Let's get wet and wild!


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