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25 Ways You Can Legally Be Accused of Sexual Harassment!

Which One Are You Guilty Of?

By the time you read this article odds are there will be a few more celebrities whose star will go dim and have been given their walking papers due to allegations of sexual harassment in the work place. Those are the cases that make the headlines and a spot as a CNN breaking story. However, there are countless cases going into litigation and going to trial that involve your local Joe Schmo.
We’re pretty sure most these cases are warranted and the accused has clearly crossed the line and their behavior was completely unacceptable and if you are too dim to know when you are crossing the line, well, that’s no excuse. When in doubt be respectful and always act like a gentleman. Now, if you need to know what can get you in trouble or if you have been crossing the line, here are 25 actions you can do that will land you in how water!


 Photo via Pixabay