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31 Days of Halloween Make Up With Sarah Mudle


The gorgeous tattooed model Sarah Mudle, also known as the Pink Pirate, is a huge fan of Halloween. In fact, she's such a big fan of the holiday that she plans on celebrating it for the entire month of October. Each day Sarah is doing her make up in a new way and posting pictures on Instagram. We got in touch with Sarah and asked her about her project, Halloween, and the cute little bird tattoo she makes a part of each costume. Check out the interview and her makeup photos below.

What made you want to do this project in the first place?
I love being creative and just wanted to share with the world my ideas for Halloween make up. I'm in love with Halloween.

What makes you love Halloween so much?
The art and creativeness to it. I love horror movies for the creativity and make up. One day would love to work on set.

How long did you have to brainstorm and plan the 31 looks?
Every morning before I go to work I'll do a make up look then wash it off before work as I'm a teacher full time and would scare the children (laughs). I had planned out some looks but most I decided to do through out the month.

Have you been coming up with them on the fly or were you thinking about them back in April?
I honestly decided to do this on the 1st of October. Got home from work this day and did my first skeleton look. This is definitely something I'll be doing every year now!

About how long does each look take?
Some take half an hour others take over and hour. Doing it on yourself in a mirror adds to the challenge.

Which one was the easiest to do?
Easiest so far has been the more simple looks. Like the scare crow.

Which was the most difficult?
Shoving the rose through my face look. To glue and balance the rose was a challenge

Tell us a little bit about that cute little bird tattoo that gets involved in every costume.
I was hoping people would start to pick that up. He is my most favorite tattoo ever so I had to get him involved :) Just a cute little touch to my work

When you're not making yourself up for Halloween how do you occupy your time? Any other projects in the works?
This month has consumed me with make up for sure. My skin hates me. I'm a full-time childcare teacher so there's my Monday to Friday and a full time model so I'm always up to something.