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The 3D Tattoo That Actually Crosses Dimensions

Optical illusion tattoos are popping up more and more these days. One of the coolest new trends in optical illusion tattoos are the Street Fighter tattoos which were first popularized by fans of the Street Fighter video game who used the illusion to combine their favorite video game characters with their own limbs. The illusion creates a 3D effect in which the client's hand also represents the character's hand, thus making a tattoo that really can jump up and grab you, literally crossing dimensions. Recently this surge in popularity of this particular style has led clients and collectors to get inked with some very original characters and imagery on their arms, like this crucifixion scene above by Mikey Sarratt. We're stoked to see something so original really take off as Street Fighter tattoos have and can't wait for what future characters and designs clients and artists come up with next! Check out more of our favorite 3D and optical illusion tattoos right here.