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5 Perks of the New Samsung Phablets That Will Change Your Life

Today Samsung released their brand new 5.7 inch phablets, the Galaxy S6 edge + and the Galaxy Note 5. The smart devices come with exclusive features that will forever change the way you scroll, search, and snap. The phablets are larger than Apple's iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inches) and are arguably the most user friendly, interactive devices for both business and pleasure–you'll never GPS the same way again (see slide 4).

Of course, the Note 5 is equipped with an S Pen, but its use is far beyond that of the Galaxy Note 4, and its accessibility is promoted to be simpler. The stylus, however, is a feature that has been eliminated from the Galaxy S6 edge + altogether, as has the removable battery option (also eliminated from the Note 5). Forgoing the S Pen in the Galaxy S6 edge + explains its sleeker look and lighter feel.

While the Edge +'s curved glass, fishbowl-like screen is similar to that of the Galaxy Note Edge, its and the Galaxy Note 5 have new streaming capabilities that are dynamite. See the gallery for can't-miss details on Samsung's latest gadgets. Basically, you'll never need a GoPro, computer, wallet, notebook, or charger ever again.