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5 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Refuse to Do


"5 Tattoos Even Tattoo Artists Refuse To Do" by Think Tank is a video outlining the types of tattoos real good artists absolutely will not ink. Their source was a Reddit post which asked their sharp community of tattooers about designs and placements and type of clients that tattoo artists refuse, including neck, penises and anuses (though they used a spicier word). We are prideful that in some instances the tattooers refused to include hate speak or symbolism and also that many turn down drunk clients. It is very important that tattooers in our community help ensure that the tattoo community at large represent with the best quality pieces and those that reflect well on all of us. Here's two of the top tattoos refused by tattooers according to the Reddit question.

"Asked to do SS lightnings bolts. I declined and she didn't understand why. Apparently she didn't know what the SS were and just thought it was a cool symbol. I gave her 20 minutes on the Wikipedia page and then she asked if we did them in blue if i would do it. I told her still no and she got angry with me and insisted it was my job to do tattoos I'm asked to do. The whole shop promptly informed her that, that is not at all how things work and we are free to turn down whatever work we like for whatever reasons we like. She threatened to tarnish our reputation as well. We told her she's free to do as she pleases but maybe let people know exactly why she doesn't like us. The shop has a very good rep and has been around almost 20 years so nobody was overly concerned and we all had a good laugh after she left.

I've turned down other work too, but that story was particularly memorable." —Ghonasherpasipphilaids

"Always been swastikas etc.. Instead I'll like thoroughly explaining possible repercussions and if it's on hands or neck will schedule out a couple weeks and tell them to make sure it's what they want to do, and not a spur of the moment thing. But ultimately if they want dumb shit it's their call. But swastikas I never do." —DanOwaR666

To learn the rest, please watch the video.

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blogger tried to get a neck tattoo then got smacked down

blogger tried to get a neck tattoo then got smacked down

blogger tried to get a neck tattoo then got smacked down