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5 Unbelievable 3-D Paintings by Stefan Pabst

Artist Stefan Pabst makes a living painting portraits for people, and while those are pretty amazing, his 3-D art pops right off the page and blows your mind. The 35-year-old Russian artist—who has lived in Germany since he was 15—has been drawing since he was five years old, and got his practice by drawing in school books during class when he was growing up.

"I drew things I saw out of the window," he says in an interview with MailOnline, "like birds on the windowsill, but mostly I enjoyed drawing portraits of people." His portraits were so good that his classmates would request to have their own done by Pabst. Now, companies, families and other notable people are paying him for his childhood hobby.

Pabst paints his 3-D images, like the ones in the gallery below, using an oil dry-brush technique and says that they usually take him about three to four hours to complete. You can watch timelapse videos on his YouTube channel that show how he created this stunning works of art below.