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50 Best and Most Unique Knockout Knuckle Tattoos!

A Double Fisted Message!

Even back in the day when more artist abided by the no ink above the neck or below the wrist, knuckle tattoos always seemed to rear their powerful head on a select few hardcore tattoo collectors...and bad guys.

For the past decade the hands have become a popular spot to sport some extensive ink and the knuckles have proven to be the "medium of the message". A place where people have been able to make a double fisted statement about something they feel passionate about.

I loved knuckle tattoos ever since Robert Mitchum flashed his love - hate knuckle tats in the Night of the Hunter. It's an old flick that is definitely worth checking out.

Fast-forward to the present and get ready to be punched in the mouth some awesome inked messages.


 Photo via Pinterest