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6 Elbow and Knee Tattoos With Split Personalities

Would You Get One of These Tattoos?

Tattoo artists work on understanding and perfecting the fundamental of placement for their entire careers. Placement is the concept of how a tattoo fits the organic and individual shape of the body, and it's something that can make or break a tattoo. For example, a half moon shaped mandala is a great choice for a sternum or underboob tattoo, however, if it was put in the middle of the back it might look out of place. Another example of placement can be seen when discussing the size of a design, as many artists will discourage a client from getting a small tattoo in the middle of a large canvas. But while many tattooers aim to work around the body in order to create a design on a flat surface, others have embraced movement in order to create multi-dimensional designs. Take a look at 6 tattoos done on elbows and knees that have two distinct personalities—one when the limb is extended straight and another when it is bent.