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7 Steps to Planning a Back Piece

Everything You Need to Know About Preparing For a Back Tattoo

The back is one of the biggest and baddest places to get a tattoo—making a mark in a variety of diverse cultures throughout centuries of tattoo tradition. Yet, despite decades of popularity, many rookie and seasoned collectors have no idea what goes into planning and preparing for these monstrous pieces. Back tattoos, no matter if you're 4 feet tall or 7 feet tall, are a huge commitment on your bank account, your free time, and of course, your skin. Let's break down the top 7 steps to planning a back piece that everyone can learn a thing or two from in the photo gallery below. Then, if you're interested in starting a back piece, in the process of working on your own piece, or have just recently finished up your back—send us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section on our Facebook page.

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