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8 Spring Music Festivals You Need to Know

There used to be a time when people talked about a music festival season. Back in that day, they were usually referring to the summer—when it makes perfect sense to have an all-day music event because kids aren’t in school. These days, you can find a music festival somewhere in the country on almost any given weekend. We all know about the big ones like Coachella (which already happened earlier this spring), Bonnaroo (which actually happens a week before the official start of summer), Austin City Limits Fest (which happens in the fall), and Lollapallooza (one that actually does happen in the summer).

Here’s a list of eight festivals that kick just as much ass. Some may say they kick even more ass because the spring weather makes them slightly more comfortable and while they’re not as “big,” that just means they’re not as crowded. With one look at the lineups for these eight underrated music festivals, you’ll be looking up flights and marking up your calendar.