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9 Naughty Cocktail Names And Recipes

Sex On the Beach may as well be renamed Walk in the Park after viewing the nine following cocktails. The naughty drinks got their names by drunken, horny bartenders and baristas that expressed their sexual frustrations through their mixology skills. Okay, that's probably not true, but it's a legitimate theory, right? Maybe some are named in honor of ex-lovers, for example the Redheaded Slut (everybody's known drank one). Either way, it's likely these drinks are popular amongst young drinkers who are thrilled to ask the bartender for a Quick Fuck. One thing is for sure, if their explicit names are telling of how the consumer's night will end, these cocktails may just be the dirtiest in the book.

The gallery is complete with recipes that are sure to satisfy any appetite. Happy (and safe) indulging, dirty birds.