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9 Steps to Covering a Tattoo

Our Tips and Tricks to Re-Doing Your Ink

While you may have already taken a peek at our step by step guides to gaining new tattoos, you're probably curious to learn how we suggest you deal with existing pieces that you want to be reworked. Cover ups are an extremely common occurrence in the tattoo world, however, their normalcy doesn't mean that they can't be extremely tricky for both clients and artists alike. Creating a new work of art out of an existing tattoo presents a variety of unique challenges that many tattoo collectors aren't made aware of until they go through the process themselves. We've narrowed down the top 9 tips and tricks to gaining a successful cover up in the gallery below and it's about time that you learned from the pros about how to rework an existing piece. Then if you've been considering covering a tattoo, are in the process of reworking a piece, or have dealt with cover ups in the past—let us know your thoughts, questions, and opinions in the comments section on Facebook.