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9 Stoner Essentials You Need to Celebrate 420

Grab some cannabis couture before it's too late!

While the culture is synonymous with forgetting everything, it's time that stoners get the redemption they deserve. Which is why, we'd like to remind you about all of the ink-redible and kush approved stoner essentials we sell on the INKED shop. From panties to tanks, pillows to mugs—we've got everything necessary for a perfect 420 celebration. Whether you're going all out with a party or just chilling on the couch all day—why mot celebrate in style? Take a peek at just a few of the apparel and accessories from our very own smoke shop. Then, if you loved any of these items, snag them before it's too late!

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Wake & Bake

Model Eizabeth Rose

We can't think of a better way to wake & bake on 420 than with this mug!