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A Gruesome Valentine's Day Present

Getting a lover’s name tattooed on your body is one of the ultimate romantic gestures a person can make but from time to time it can go awry. When Torz Reynolds found out that the man whose name was inked into her skin had moved in with another woman she gave him a Valentine’s Day present he won’t soon forget— she cut off the tattoo with a scalpel and sent it to him in the mail.

Instead of breaking up with Reynolds in a dignified manner Stewart “Chopper” May came up with an elaborate ruse to avoid confrontation; May claimed that he had found a dream job in Alaska and even had a tearful goodbye with Reynolds at the airport, according to the Daily Mail.

Reynolds, a piercer from London, had the words “Chopper’s Bitch” tattooed on her forearm until she took a scalpel and removed the skin.

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“Chopper did everything for me, I never had to ask him for anything,” Reynolds told the Daily Mail. “I got the tattoo of Chopper’s name done as a surprise and he was really proud of it. The inking was on my forearm so whenever I lifted my pint glass all his mates would see it and be amazed.”

After removing the chunk of skin off of her arm Reynolds sent it to May via Royal Post; she even made sure to track the package so she could be certain that the man who scorned her received the gift.

While we admire the passion that Reynolds showed we wish she would have consulted with us first so we could save her the pain and send her to a great cover-up artist.