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A Sad, Yet Inspirational Real Life Story About The Mother Of A Special Needs Child and The Meaning Behind Her Tattoo

Learn How This Mother Copes With Her Son's Condition Through Her Tattoo

Raising a child isn't easy, especially when you throw disorders like autism into the mix. Autism is a disorder that affects brain development and it is characterized by difficulty communicating and forming relationships with other people. Autism is on a spectrum, meaning that individuals who have this condition may have mild autism and be high functioning. In other circumstances, some people with autism are on the severe end of the spectrum and their inability to communicate verbally has a significant impact on their everyday life. The latter is the case for Angela St. Joan's son Airrion, a teenage boy from Missouri who has severe autism among a handful of other conditions. St. Joan has struggled to keep up with her son's daily challenges and created a YouTube channel where she shares the struggles that come with raising a child with autism. In a short series, St. Joan explains her choice to get a back piece dedicated to her personal journey raising Airrion and the story behind her tattoo will inspire anyone who is currently affected by different special needs disorders.

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