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A Touching Tribute Tattoo

One of the most popular reasons for getting a tattoo is to pay tribute to someone you care about who has passed away. Since tattoos are permanent a tribute tattoo is a way of holding on to the person's memory for the rest of your life. Every time a person looks at their tattoo they can be reminded of the person that they lost or, as in the case of the following story, someone they never got a chance to know.

A Reddit user going by the name of Alltheprettyhorses21 posted this very poignant story about her tattoo that will likely bring a tear to your eye.

"My father passed away before I was born, so I never met him. But everyone who knew him has always told me that I am exactly like him. Then in my senior year of high school, out of a list of literally thousands of books, I randomly chose to read All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. When my mom saw that I was reading it, she got very excited and ran into her room. She brought out a copy of All the Pretty Horses from 1993, bookmarked to page 128. It was the book my father was reading before he passed away. So I got a tattoo to memorialize my father and the connection I have with him despite the fact that I never met him."