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In an Abstract Light

Today's skull of the day is this amazing piece by Domantas Parvainis! Parvainis is an incredible surrealist tattoo artist based at Totemas Tattoo Studio in Lithuania. Though equally skilled in color work, today's skull is done entirely in black and grey.

Today's piece has a very organic feel to it, as it reads more like the idea of a skull rather than a solid, concretely defined skull. The scattered textures and suggested forms read almost like wisps of smoke. This abstract nature behind this design is one of the major reasons we love Parvainis and his out of the box creativity.

The strategic use of highlighting and dark shading really brings this piece to life as the dark hollows of the eyes compliment the shadows in the background, but also beautifully contrast the incredible highlighting in the nasal and jaw area. Parvainis always delivers top notch work when it comes to both his color and black and grey tattoos, leaving the pieces beautifully saturated and set to last the wearers for a lifetime.

The suggestion of negative lighting paired with standard lighting that flows throughout the piece is also a remarkable design choice on Parvainis' part that really shouldn't work, but somehow comes together beautifully. This cool, other-worldly aspect of it all is exactly how to make an every day image feel more surreal and uphold a true artistic nature.

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