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Actress Shay Mitchell Runs Topless Throughout L.A.

The Pretty Little Liars Star Takes It Off For YouTube

Over the past several months, big YouTube stars have made international news by pulling crazy stunts and pranks on video. One of the biggest vlogger scandals is of course Logan Paul's now infamous vlog of the Suicide Forest in Japan—which cost Paul to lose his ad revenue. However, this is the nature of the YouTube community, with content creators consistently aiming to outdo each other in order to earn views by the millions. One vlogger went above and beyond over the weekend, taking it all off to celebrate reaching 3 million subscribers. And while you may not be familiar with the world of YouTube, you definitely known this vlogger. That's right, it is Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell! Mitchell paraded the streets of L.A. in nothing but a unicorn mask and panties this weekend in honor of her channel. Take a look at her viral video in the gallery below!

shay feat

Watch the Video

Check out the full video of her strip tease in the street here!