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Adam Levine Shares His 'True Love'


It seems like only yesterday that we were talking about the brand new back piece that Adam Levine was showing off. In reality it has been a long four weeks, you know the Maroon 5 frontman and tattoo aficionado would be jonesing for some new ink by now. Right on time Levine took to Instagram to show off a brand new tattoo, or should it be new tattoos?

In the photo above there are at least three tattoos that we have never seen in the past. Now, it could be that the star of The Voice was being shy about letting the world see these tattoos, but given his penchant for taking his shirt off that seems highly unlikely, so we're guessing that all three are brand new. The most prominent one is an American Traditional style hand grasping a rose inked over Levine's heart. The hand has the words "True Love" emblazoned upon it. This could be a tribute to his wife Behati Prinsloo, or perhaps it is just a declaration about how he feels about tattoos. Regardless of the true meaning behind the ink we have to say that it goes wonderfully with his collection.

The other two pieces require a little bit of speculation since Levine's cardigan is covering part of them in the photo. The belly rocker seems to say "California." I'd say that this is a basically a certainty since the only other words that I could think of that ends in "ornia" is... I've got nothing. Perhaps it's a misspelled tribute to the Cretan city of Gournia or a celebration of the demon Ornias that's short a letter... OK, let's stop being silly, it clearly says "California" and it's pretty cool.

If we thought that one was difficult to discern wait until you get to the ink on Levine's lower stomach. Given the affinity Levine seems to have for big cats that is evident through his sleeves, I'm going to speculate that the curly tail there belongs to a lion. If it's not a lion it might be some sort of vine from a man eating plant, or maybe one of the many tentacles of Cthulu. It might be that weird thing that the creatures from Avatar used to mentally connect to their horses. The point is that it looks like it might be something really cool and we would appreciate if Mr. Levine could post a better picture. Thanks.

We love the pieces we can see and we absolutely adored the mermaid Levine showed off last month. With that being said we will wait with bated breath Until then, enjoy this gallery of Levine's current ink.