Airbrush Tattoos Are the Latest Trend in the UK


Why Get Inked When You Can Get Sprayed?

British airbrush artist, Vicky McAdam, learned the craft of applying airbrushed tattoos in the United States, and she introduced it to folks back in the U.K. who absolutely loved the idea of it, turning airbrush tattoos into the latest body art craze across the pond.

Airbrush tattoo by Vicky McAdam. Photo: Instagram.

Airbrush tattoos by Vicky McAdam. Photo: Instagram.

Beautifully Executed

People in the U.K. who have always appreciated the beauty of tattoo art, but have never found themselves fully committed to a specific design or to actually getting inked for that matter, have found solace in Vicky McAdam’s realistic airbrushed tattoos, according to ChronicleLive.

All the Pleasure Without The Pain

Starting out her career almost ten years ago painting children’s faces, McAdam moved onto body-painting adults, and then she discovered the art of airbrush tattooing. “They come from America and I can’t tell you how amazing they are. I don’t have any tattoos myself but these are fantastic and what is good about them, is they wash off,” McAdam said.

They Look So Real

Using stencils that depict popular tattoo designs – like skulls, dragons, birds, guns, playing cards and clocks – people are lining up to get air tatted by McAdam. Whether her clients are prepping for a night out with friends or are throwing an “airbrush tattoo party” – yup, that’s a thing now – McAdam has been keeping busy with her growing clientele.

Straight Flexin'

Booking appointments through her company, Not Just A Pretty Face Paint (N.J.A.P.F.P), the airbrush artist charges £30 per sleeve and £100 an hour or £120 for two hours for house calls for a party of four or more. The tattoo sessions usually take up to 20 minutes for a black and grey sleeve to about 40 minutes if the client prefers a color piece, McAdam said.

Get Your Chest Sprayed to Def

As for the shelf life of the tattoos, McAdam assures that “they last up to five days, depending on how well you look after them,” adding, “Those of us who just want a tattoo that looks so real, but only want it for the weekend, can now get that done.”

We can dig it. Rather a temporary, airbrushed tattoo than a real and horrible tattoo, right?

Fierce Airbrush Tattoo!

So, what do y’all think about airbrush tattoos? Hot or nah?