Airline Bans Man for Flashing Pelvic Pinocchio Tattoo



If you're on a plane and you see 22 guys board cross-dressed as female flight attendants, it's a pretty safe bet that one of them is going to get kicked off the flight and/or banned from the airline for life. The latter happened to Tom Washington, a 22-year-old from Grimsby, United Kingdom, when he and his friends decided to do exactly that.

"We got up in the early hours to do our makeup and hair like any presentable woman," Washington says in an interview.

Washington says that the passengers on the plane seemed to get a kick out of his crew's costumes. "We were all excited and sober at this point, and we got on the plane with barrels of laughter from pretty much everyone."

Washington got out of his seat during the real crew's safety instructions and proceeded to "assist" them while using a sex toy in his presentation, and that's when the other passengers on the plane became less entertained. Washington's friends then told the crew that he had a Pinocchio tattoo that starts at the top of his pelvic region, and, well, from the pictures below you can tell where the Disney character's nose ends up. Washington took that as his cue to show crew members that he was, indeed, a real boy.

"We pride ourselves on giving our customers a friendly and relaxing flight experience," says CEO Steve Heapy, "so we will take action against anyone who causes offense and disruption to our crew and passengers."

Washington was not allowed to board his return flight on the airline, causing his friends to pitch in and pay over $250 for his flight on another airline. He was also banned for life from

Scroll through the gallery below to see Washington and friends' costumes and photos of his Pinocchio tattoo.