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VIDEO: Alby Rydes Has Curves That Kill

Alby Rydes is the woman your girlfriend doesn't want you looking at. And you'll look because you don't care. You can't not look. You have to look. Don't worry, your girlfriend wouldn't be able to help herself either. Alby has the curves other women only dream of. The kind they imagine while trudging up the stair master at the gym. She's that girl. Her confidence is attacked by the great users of the internet, but she's too otherworldly to care. Too sweet to fight back, but smart enough to defend her curves. She wrote to her angry followers once:

"It takes some big ass balls to be as confident as I am lol and for some of y'all women that be hating if you were just as confident as me or even a little bit you'd be busy loving yourself and not leave a hate comment under my photos.. im just a woman that's not doing anything wrong but loves to wear less then some of y' don't hate and let's embrace each other and be friends." 

Haters continue to hate and Alby continues to share #fire photos. What a well-balanced world we live in. To see the Miami native's booty in action, watch her twerk in the video below. The gallery will make you happy too.