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All New! Great Tattoo Placements! VIDEO!

Prime Real Estate for Your Ink!

You spent months researching your next tattoo artist, and equal amounts of time deciding the what and why of the particular piece that’s going to live on your skin for the rest of your life (Yeah okay, I know laser, blah, blah, blah.) However, for some reason many people wait until the minute they walk through the door of the tattoo shop to make the decision of where to place their beloved new ink. Well, any good tattoo artists will tell you location is so important in insuring that a “great” tattoo doesn’t drop to a “good” tattoo because of poor placement. There are also a series of tattoos that go from good to great, or at least from good to interesting because of where they are placed on the body. Here are 20 examples for you to enjoy and become inspired by!


Photo via Pinterest

Location Video!