All Tattoos Are Temporary and Here's Why


Are tattoos permanent or temporary?

As a writer, editor, journalist or whatever you want to call me, words hold a great deal of importance. I know, that sounds incredibly nerdy but I have the right to geek out on my own terms. You see, words and language have been used since the beginning of animal history as a means of communicating everything from basic needs to radical ideas. Words have come in and out of fashion—and our definition for those words have changed with cultural exchange and growth. As someone who is a professional communicator, I believe very strongly that words have a power that is greater than most people recognize and that everyone needs to take the time to recognize how language can have lasting effects on people for generations to come. Not sure what I'm monologuing about? Well, I want you to consider this phrase: All Tattoos are Temporary. Yes that's right, you're hearing this from INKED magazine of all places. But before you sound off on your keyboards and say I'm crazy, take a look at my argument in the gallery below and allow my perspective to infiltrate your consciousness for just a short moment.